We endeavour to provide new solutions
in the world of connected cars

The Future - Connected cars

We believe that connected car technology and services are driven by customer acceptance. In the past, marketers and engineers defined the market offer; in the future, open, comprehensive platforms will allow drivers to select their preferred services. We strive to be in the pole position for this concept and are willing to go beyond.

Smart Device-Based X-tainment

Most car customers are unhappy with the current x-tainment solutions, even in new cars. As most automotive solutions fall behind their smart phone competitors, we will soon be delivering new, ground-breaking solutions. We aim to ensure that all drivers also experience the current smart device standard in their vehicles.

Smart Device-Based Car Services

We are responding to the driver’s desire for comprehensive and competitive-driven car services. Connected car technology will leverage car services, with IconicC being a key contributor.

How will this look!

We cannot disclose that yet!